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About us

VARGACAP (PTY) LTD TRADING AS MAXFIELD QUANTITY SURVEYORS is a practice that was established in October 2012 entirely by members of the Historically Disadvantage Individuals (HDI). Our practice has a B-BBEE Status of Level 2 with B-BBEE Procurement recognition of 100%.

The Company policy is to play a significant role in generating interest in the Quantity Surveying, Project Management, Construction Management and Civil Engineering profession among the HDI. Financial and training support is considered a duty and policy of the company.


Technical expertise and experience of the normal quantity surveying & project management functions such as feasibility studies, business plan development, estimating, cost planning, tender documentation, cost management and control.

Range of Projects

We have individually worked on a wide spectrum of project types, such as Schools, Clinics, Tourism & Heritage Infrastructure Projects and other specialized and complex projects.